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4-Week Fat Loss Bootcamp

Hi everyone

Please note there will be NO SULLINGTON CLASS on Tuesday 3rd April – it resumes as normal the following week.

During the Easter period there will be NO FRIDAY PULBOROUGH CLASS on Friday 6th April and NO MONDAY CLASSES on 9th April.

Just wanted to update you on the achievements of the Bootcamp so far.  In just one week I have had results fed back to me of some people losing 4 inches off their measurements and we still have 3 weeks to go !!

If you are interested in joining a Bootcamp then click onto the Bootcamp page where I have added the new dates.

Places are limited so book early so you don’t get disappointed.

Julie xxx




    4-Week Fat Loss Bootcamp

    The 4-Week Fat Loss Bootcamp

    20th March – 17th April

     The 4-week Fat-Loss Bootcamp will coach you into getting the FITTEST and HEALTHIEST you have EVER been 


    An Introduction to   The Regan Method

    My Plan seriously works. I know this from the incredible success stories like seeing Niki losing over 3 stone since joining the bootcamps and Breda who now completely outruns me which is infuriating but amazing!  Fat Loss Bootcamp West Sussex will seriously change your body!


    Over 4 weeks you follow the Plan and see amazing results from your personalised homework exercises that will take you less than 10 minutes to do.  Your posture will be improved dramatically and the improvement to your muscle tone will be massively speeded up working with an aligned body.


    I have studied through books and courses, literally spending thousands of pounds personally in search of the key to achieve the perfect body weight and maintain it.  The Regan Method was born as a result of all this work. Through correcting your posture and eating the best foods whilst exercising in the most efficient and effective way you will succeed.  Just follow the Plan.  I’ve done all the hard work for you x




      The Regan Method – Pilates Reborn

      I am currently in beautiful Thailand working on my project which will be rolled out to you when I return.  I just thought I’d give you an insight into what to expect.

      The Regan Method

      Joseph Pilates built his exercise repertoire, originally for the purpose of rehabilitation.  He studied anatomy and Eastern disciplines like yoga and martial arts and incorporated ancient Greek and Roman forms of fitness techniques and by combining elements of each, Pilates the exercise regime was born.  He wanted to develop the perfect exercise system perfecting the development of mind, body and spirit.  Joseph himself was a champion boxer, body builder (even posing for anatomical charts), gymnast, skier and diver.


      Through his studies Pilates brought a better understanding of how our body works in terms of fitness with his groundbreaking work, of which the principles are still adhered to some 100 years on.

      Although some hardened traditionalists believe in keeping the Pilates repertoire as it was first taught, we need to remember that he didn’t simply make his exercise system from scratch, but amalgamated a number of ideas recognising that if they were knitted together this would be an ideal and complete system.

      Because his system was adaptive, coming from many disciplines, he wouldn’t have wanted to see it frozen in time.  The purists have tried to keep Pilates in the exact same structure but my belief is that Pilates was all about taking in the best of all systems.  The Regan Method is a recognition of the fact that Pilates has not really grown since his death in 1967 which was some 45 years ago, whereas research and knowledge of exercise and nutrition has grown in leaps and bounds over that same period but has yet to be incorporated into the modern Pilates repertoire.

      Enter The Regan Method!

      The Regan Method is a combination of Pilates exercises merged with purposeful and practical multi-directional movements, which has more carryover to everyday tasks, rather than for purely remedial work.  It also includes practical nutritional advice using easy, back to basics steps that focus on eating natural, wholesome foods and ditching the processed foods which are full of toxins and create havoc with weight management and health.  Facial exercises are included too to incorporate a complete holistic overall body workout system covering postural imbalances to weight management.

      The Regan Method is aimed at those in the 60+ population and who aren’t looking to be babied by the often patronising ‘senior’ option, but who still want to be pushed and challenged within their exercise regime.  This method is currently being used for classes with age ranges from 60 – 96 years.

      Regan Method Pilates Class

      It is currently used for personal training mat based work incorporating some aerobic effort where needed plus dynamic standing Pilates classes to mat based and chair based Pilates classes, often incorporating small equipment such as resistance bands, small balls and weights.

      As we age we need to keep the intensity of our exercise at a challenging enough level to feel our muscles working.  This is not a simple stretch and flex session specific to remedial purposes.

      Just because we hit 60 is no reason for us to slow down.  In fact, its even more reason to step up our game as it becomes much easier for our metabolism to slow down and become sluggish.

      It’s often banded around that 60 is the new 50 and 70 is the new 60 and I couldn’t agree more.  Our aim is to STOP the ageing clock, as opposed to trying to turn back the clock.

      By using The Regan Method you will achieve your goal weight whilst being able to maintain it far easier than with any other method.  You will maintain your muscle tone, flexibility and core strength by using the exercises regularly.  With facial exercises included too its an all round, befitting and challenging system for the over 60s.



        NEW Pilates Fitness Bootcamp Dates

        4-Week FAT LOSS BOOTCAMP

        20th March – 17th April 


        • FREE Posture Assessment

        • Tutorial on good Nutrition

        • Reshape your whole body

        • Lose unwanted body fat

        • Boost your energy levels

        YOU just have to commit to all 9 sessions

        Tuesday & Thursday evenings 6.15 – 7.30 pm

        Sessions are held in Fittleworth
        I GUARANTEE if you stick with the program you’ll lose inches, get fitter and have
        oodles more energy
        CLICK HERE to take you to the Bootcamp Page to save your place

        !!!    Don’t forget that I will be away from 28th Feb – 12th March so NO CLASSES will be held during this period !!!

        See you when I get back xx



          Pilates Classes Update

          Hi everyone

          I hope you are enjoying 2012…. I can’t believe we are in February already !!!!

          Just want to confirm some dates with you.

          There will be NO CLASSES between and including the dates of Tuesday 28th February and Friday 9th March.

          I will be contactable by email but I will be away so it may take a little time to get back to you if you have any queries.

          Thats all for now xxx

          Julie x


            4-Week Fat Loss Bootcamp Results

            We have had some amazing results for the January 4-Week Fat Loss Bootcamp.

            The brave campers came out in the freezing temperatures but were not put off by this at all.

            Check out a handful of the results……

            Emma lost  11 inches and 8 lbs – AMAZING result for 4 weeks 

            Ralph lost  5 inches and 4kg 

            Andrew lost  4.5 inches and 4.8 kg 

            Why don’t YOU give the 4-week Fat Loss Bootcamp a try.  Its great fun, you get to workout with like-minded people in the great outdoors and lose inches!!

            I will shortly be releasing the new dates for the March Bootcamp.  Click here to contact me and let me know if you are interested in joining.

            See you soon

            Julie xx


              Pilates Fitness Updates

              A belated Happy New Year to you all…..

              January has kicked off with a bang as usual – classes are all very busy and I have a lot in store for you all.


              I will be far more hands-on with advice on nutrition and fat loss.  My 4-Week Fat Loss Bootcamp is full and already participants are feeling the effects!!

              I am looking to start up a “Doggie Bootcamp” style session on a Wednesday afternoon.  This will be held at 3 or 3.30pm in and around Fittleworth and is for all of you who want to get rid of any excess Christmas weight and incorporate it into your daily dog walk.

              You will need to book up for the 4 sessions which are held over a 4 week period and I will guide you into how you can increase your fitness level, lower your stress levels, lose unwanted fat (even if weight loss isn’t your main goal) and get the dogs a little bit fitter too in the process!

              Let me know if you are interested by calling me on 0797 3 293 585 or by clicking here and sending me a message.  I will have to limit spaces for obvious reasons and all dogs will have to be kept on a lead xxx

              Looking forward to seeing you soon, if I haven’t already.

              Best regards

              Julie xxxx


                News on Pilates classes and Bootcamps


                I’d like to invite you onto my FINAL FAT LOSS BOOTCAMP BLAST of 2011….

                5-day Mini Fat Loss Bootcamp

                Monday to Friday 19th – 23rd December
                7.30 – 8.15 am
                Held in Fittleworth

                If you’d like to have a last Fitness Boost just before Christmas then CLICK HERE to take you to the relevant page and BOOK YOUR PLACE onto this Fun 5-day Fat Loss Bootcamp.

                The sessions are all held outside and will really help to rid any naughtiness from those pre-Christmas parties!!!!

                Check out the new full-scale January FAT LOSS BOOTCAMP. This will revert to the usual 4-Week plan held in the evenings every Tuesday and Thursday.


                JUMP START  your New Year Fitness regime

                And secondly,

                Pilates Classes & Holiday Dates

                Finish & Start Dates Places Available
                Monday Fitness Pilates Class 

                6.15 – 7.15 pm

                Fittleworth Village Hall

                Final class will be merged with Men Only Pilates at 7pm followed by drinks & nibbles 


                Restart 9th Jan



                Numbers not restricted

                Monday Men Only Pilates Class 

                7.30 – 8.30 pm

                Fittleworth Village Hall

                Final class will be merged with Fitness Pilates at 7pm followed by drinks & nibbles 


                Restart 9th Jan




                Tuesday Pilates Class 

                9.15 – 10.15 am

                West Chiltington Village Hall

                Final Class 

                20th December



                10th January



                Fully Booked

                Tuesday Fitness Pilates Class 

                2 – 3 pm

                Sullington Village Hall

                Final Class 

                29th November



                10th January



                Numbers not restricted

                Wednesday Pilates Class 

                10 – 11 am

                Pulborough Village Hall

                Final Class 

                21st December



                11th January



                Fully Booked

                Friday Pilates Class 

                10 – 11 am

                Pulborough Village Hall

                Final Class 

                16th December



                13th January



                Fully Booked


                Pilates classes need to be pre-booked before attending.

                Fitness Pilates classes integrates a mix of the original Pilates exercises with modern research and updated techniques making it a suitable exercise class for any healthy adult.  No previous Pilates experience is needed and you can pay-as-you-go.  These classes cost £6.50

                4-week Fat Loss Bootcamp 10th January – 2nd February

                Burn fat – Lose any Christmas excess weight – Burn 100s of calories

                The 4-week Fat Loss Bootcamp helps you do all the above.  I show you exercises to maximise fat burning (which continues even after you have finished!!).  You get workouts to do at home that boost your metabolism even more. Plus, you also receive nutritional advice giving you the secrets to increase fat loss whilst not losing muscle.  The Bootcamp must be pre-booked and costs £75.

                I wish you ALL a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS and a Smashin’ NEW YEAR

                Julie xxx


                  Pilates Fitness Update

                  Hi everybody

                  I hope you are all enjoying the classes which are FULLY BOOKED at the moment.  All the classes run in 6-week blocks so if you would like to book a place then you will need to let me know – click here to contact me direct.

                  The Fitness Pilates classes however which are held on Monday evenings in Fittleworth Village Hall at 6.15pm and in Sullington Village Hall on Tuesdays at 2pm are run as a drop-in class which means you can just turn up – no equipment needed and no previous experience.  Fitness Pilates is for anybody who is fit and healthy with no acute joint issues.

                  Just a note however……


                  Classes resume as normal the following week however.

                  I look forward to seeing you all soon.

                  Julie xx


                    Pilates class dates & Bootcamps

                    Hi everybody

                    I have finally got round to organising my holiday dates and am looking forward to a 2 week break in the sun……  I can’t wait x

                    To find out how these dates affect you click on the SUMMER CLASS DATES tab which will show when classes finish and the dates they resume.

                    5-DAY MINI FAT LOSS BOOTCAMP

                    15th – 19th August

                    Everyday for 1 WEEK only

                    Monday to Friday 7 am – 7.45 am

                    This is a mini-Bootcamp for those of you who haven’t been able to commit to my 4-Week Fat Loss Bootcamps.  It’s also a great introduction to how the Bootcamps are run and a great summer FAT LOSS boost ……

                    You will get…….

                    5 morning workout sessions held outside in Fittleworth

                    A Mini Nutrition Plan to follow during this week

                    A homework DVD to add to the results !!

                    All this for just £39 !!!!


                    Book NOW by clicking here to take you to the relevant page

                    You get your workouts done almost before the day has begun…..

                    You need to commit to the whole week and make sure you attend all 5 session to reap the rewards.

                    The sessions include cardio, some Pilates plus resistance work to really boost Fat Loss and tone your muscles.

                    For More information or to book your place contact me here or call me direct on 01798 344095.